Embedded Career Webinar

We are organizing a FREE webinar with various career related tips on 2nd October 2022. This webinar will be based on Embedded system jobs in India.  Preference will be given to registered members this website. If interested you can try this QUIZ and fill the  Job assistance survey given below.. 

Presenter :  Sanjay Adhikari  Founder: Embedkari l Ex Motorola | Ex Freescale | Ex NxP | Involved in Training , Recruitment and Consulting

Date: 2nd Oct , Time: 10am-12pm

Agenda :

How to get my first Embedded System Job ? (Students)

      This will cover various tips such as  on-campus/off-campus and Type of companies in India.

How to get salary as per current market trends ? (Working Professionals)

How to prepare for Embedded system job in MNCs ? 

Embedkari services for training, recruitment and consulting.

Eligibility : FREE to  registered Embedkari members. Registration can be done at Registration 

 Entry level eligibility to qualify  available at SelfTest . After selftest, you may do webinar registration as given below. We may verify the selftest score of candidates enrolled.


  Webinar Registration : If you are interested to attend current or future webinar , Fill this form. 

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